“For centuries, Cuba’s greatest resource has been its people.”



Repression of basic freedoms is the basic feature of Cuba’s regime. Political police and paramilitary groups under the guidance use repressive tactics and threats of violence to discourage Cubans from organizing in defense of their demands and from advocating for positive change in their communities. 

Across the country, citizens are commanded to keep their heads down and eyes forward, focused only on surviving another day, never looking for a better future on the horizon. To speak out or protest could trigger an immediate violent response from the Cuban government.

Cuban Government

People need to believe in their own capacity to change a bankrupt system and stop political violence in its tracks. FHRC’s Cuba’s Repressors program is designed to make Cuban authorities think twice before abusing their power and using violence as a response to civil disobedience. This platform is a constant reminder that their actions have consequences; they cannot run and hide from them! We will not let them.


We provide accountability for repressors by:


Providing the right systems

Supplying Cuban citizens with a reporting system for raising their accusations against violent or administrative repressors. Keeping a detailed database with that information for U.S. Immigration authorities to potentially block Cuban repressors from seeking entry into America by lying to immigration officers.


Providing the right tools

Providing tools to help shine lights on violent and administrative repressive behavior by Cuban officials, including:

  • Equipment donations to volunteer activists of this project, such as cameras and smartphones, to record repressive activity.

  • Information materials on the consequences of their actions aimed at Cuban repressors acting on behalf of the Cuban government. By informing these individuals of the non-transferable and non-expiring legal accountability of their actions, we aim at discouraging them from carrying out repressive orders from their superiors.

  • Publicity Kits to distribute pamphlets & photos revealing the activities of the perpetrators right in their own community.

  • Public Postings of perpetrators and their crimes against Cuban citizens on the free and open worldwide web. 


FHRC’s Cuba’s Repressors program has already made a significant contribution to change the behavior of government officials in Cuba.


Violent National Repressors Identified


Repressors for Exportation Identified


White Collar Repressors Identified

The FHRC project was launched in the historic moment (2016) of the highest repressive figures (9,940 arrests, harassment, acts of repudiation, beatings) and since then has steadily declined including the fourth quarter of 2018 and even the month of January of 2019 if we compare it with the same period of 2018.

Represores graph

Coinciding with the start of the Repressors initiative since the end of 2016, the reports of government’s most public repressive activities have continued to drop.

In response to pressure from the Repressors initiative, it was noticed that the Cuban government has taken some measures of their own, including:

  • Using sunglasses and low-brimmed caps to protect perpetrators against the recording of violent repressive activities. (Photos / Videos)

  • Reducing the number of sentences of prolonged jail time for arrested citizens to no longer than a few days or hours, thus avoiding the increase of the statistics of political prisoners.

We need your help to expand the positive impact of this program on Cubans daily lives!


Thanks to the Repressors program the Cuban Government was obliged to modify its tactics and is acting with greater restraint. With your support, we can continue to provide recording gadgets, publicity kits, and knowledge and skills transfer to keep empowering the Cuban people!

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