Which members of the Cuban government are most responsible for committing acts of violence against their own citizens?

The most common repressors include members of the Ministries of the Interior and paramilitary organizations under their guidance called “Rapid Action Brigades” that exert violent political repression against Cuban citizens who are targeted for practicing any sort of peaceful protesting.


What organization officially runs the Repressors program? What is their overall reason for existence?

This project is coordinated by the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC). They are committed to contributing to empowering Cuban citizens to bring about change towards a society based on freedom, democracy, human rights, and prosperity.


How does the Repressors database actually hold Cuban officials accountable if they aren’t in the United States?

We believe that public exposure negatively influences these official’s standing within their communities in Cuba. This is why we post their crimes online and assist victims in the distribution of their pictures in public spaces.

In addition to exposure and pressure in their own country, the Repressors database provides useful information, in the United States, to the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They may then make use of that information to strengthen their screening processes. Individuals coming into the U.S. from Cuba can be deported or even jailed if they have lied to immigration officers trying to hide the information we have collected from their victims in Cuba. In addition, any remittances sent by family or friends from America can be blocked –according to present laws- if those persons receiving it were proven to be members of the Ministry of Interior or other repressive institutions. These people cannot run from their crimes either in Cuba or if they come to the United States! Perhaps that should make them think twice, repent, and drop out of Cuba’s repressive machinery.


What type of information do you collect on Cuban authorities based on the reports you receive?

When we add individuals and their abuses to our database, we always aim at completing a basic profile including their name, a photograph, and a description of the actions they are accused of committing as well as a formal accusation by the victim. We then place them into one of three categories:

  • Violent National Repressors (anyone who, officially or as a paramilitary, have used violence against peaceful citizens on behalf of the state)

  • White Collar Repressors (officers who take administrative or discriminatory actions to exclude or sanction citizens based on their ideological, religious, or race and sexual orientation at their workplace, schools, universities, and other state-run institutions).

  • Repressors for Exportation (Cuban officials sent to other countries, like Venezuela, to advise and sometimes foster human rights abuses)


What if a Cuban Official has been accused falsely of committing an offense? Is there a process to verify these claims?

The Repressors program has a thorough screening process before any reports are entered into our database. When filing a summary, the plaintiff must provide the following:

  • A detailed event summary of the accusation,

  • Evidence (whenever possible evidence shall be gathered such as videos, photos, newspaper clippings, medical certificates, etc.)

  • As much personal information about the assailant as possible (name, address, aliases, place of work, home residence)

  • Other witnesses that could back the plaintiff assertions.

We are not liable for any unfair claim against a potential repressor by their accusers and apparent victims. In addition, we offer an appeal process for any Cuban official who feels unfairly targeted to dispute the claims made against him/her. Click here.

Overall, the goal of the Repressors program is to empower the voices of the victims and build a deterrence system to discourage repressors from enforcing abusive orders.


Is the Cuban Government aware of the Repressors program?

We are well-known by the Ministry of Cuba that actively monitors and blocks our website from the view of the general public in Cuba. But citizens continue to find ways to access and utilize this program to protect themselves from state repression!


Thanks to the Repressors program the Cuban Government was obliged to modify its tactics and is acting with greater restraint. With your support, we can continue to provide recording gadgets, publicity kits, and knowledge and skills transfer to keep empowering the Cuban people!

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