Cultural Community Centers


Three T’s for developing smart communities: talent, tolerance and technology


A free space of tolerance and information for pursuing full potential growth


Fostering tolerance and promoting intellectual interactions between Cubans with different backgrounds and perspectives


  • Providing access to information, educational, and entertainment materials not usually available in Cuban media or the national cultural and educational system.
  • Training communities in the exercise of mutual tolerance, empathy, and conflict prevention skills.
  • Empowering citizens by providing free access to information and educational resources


Activities –provided for free- include:

  • Films projections and –whenever is appropriate- debates on their stories.
  • Digital libraries.
  • Education and self –help skills training for children and adults (from math for high school students to conflict management, family relations, project management, and leadership courses for community members)
  • Special presentations and workshops on topics of common interest, such as the potential of Internet and digital technologies for personal and collective development. In this field the CCC will be supporting another FHRC program (Connect Cuba) and vice versa.

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC) is a 501c3 nongovernmental organization established to empower Cuban Civil Society in its struggle to build a free and democratic Cuba