Learn about the priorities of The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba

Cuban Repressors

The immediate objective of this project is to discourage people who participate in various ways in the repression of civil liberties and rights to distance themselves from those activities.

Cultural Community Centers

Fostering tolerance and promoting intellectual interactions between Cubans with different backgrounds and perspectives.

Dignidad Movement

This initiative is aimed at supporting the movement of women of the same name (Dignity Movement ) that emerged on January 15, 2017 in claim of three things:

Economic and Labor Rights

FHRC recognizes that all rights are interdependent and inalienable and therefore denounces not only the repression of the exercise of civil and political rights in Cuba but also the economic, social, labor and cultural rights

Citizen's Diplomacy

FHRC also regularly engages in typical “citizen diplomacy”  when it brings the issues of human rights violations in Cuba

Connect Cuba

To empower Cuban civil society with open, uncensored access to the Internet and the ability to communicate freely with each other and the world.

Trump Blames Cuba for Sonic Attack on US Diplomats

US President Donald Trump said Monday that “Cuba is responsible” for the sonic attacks against 22 US diplomats who were staying in Havana in 2016. “Yes, I believe that Cuba is responsible. Yes, I believe it,” the President said during a press conference in the White...

Neither Maduro nor Castro to Lima

With the support of the 14 countries of the Lima Group, the government of Peru has just notified Nicolás Maduro that "he will not be welcome" to the VIII Summit of the Americas to be held next April in the Peruvian capital. In turn, Maduro replied to the Peruvian...

Help us protect Human Rights in Cuba

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (“FHRC”) promotes a non-violent transition to a free and democratic Cuba through the empowerment of independent civil society in Cuba