Connect Cuba



 Building the future here and now


Cubans empowered with uncensored, unlimited, affordable, and good quality access to Internet content finding feasible solutions to critical challenges faced today by Cuban society.


 To serve as a window to how Cubans could quickly and dramatically improve their standards of living by using offline digital technologies as well as a quality connection to the Internet.


1- Educating Cubans on how Internet access will contribute to their prosperity and growth as individuals and as a nation

2- Taking offline actions (such as sending digital content in flash memories) and online initiatives to connect Cuban

✓ Learners with online educational platforms.

✓ Innovators with all available knowledge and expertise in their field of expertise.

✓ Entrepreneurs to new technologies relevant for the development of their businesses

✓ Professionals to a global labor market that may hire their skills while working from home

3- Promoting technical and policy solutions to connect all Cuban citizens to the World Wide Web


The Package: Flash memories with useful digital content sent to Cubans in the island.

  • Connect a Cuban: Donations of hardware and software to Cubans in the island.
  • Transnational Cuba: Facilitating Cubans to study at distance and outsource professional services from the island. 
  • Cuba 3.0 This project will develop a series of conferences as well as two annual competitions (Ten Best Ideas) among Cuban change-makers. The goal of the conferences as well as of the competitions is to find participatory, creative solutions to present social and economic challenges faced by Cuban society. 



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