The information provided below was provided in part by Jose Daniel Ferrer who was arrested moments after a conversation with the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC).

Political and national police assaulted activists in the home of Raumel Vinajera and Tania Monta Vasquez the afternoon of April 2, 2012, where at least 30 nonviolent activists were gathered in preparation for demonstrations.

The 30 human rights activists planned to protest against the repression and abuse of the Ladies in White (Damas de Blanco).  They were also preparing for demonstrations against the arbitrary detention of Rogelio Tabio Lopez who has spent at least 1 month on hunger strike while detained in Guantanamo (charged for public disorder), the arrest and detention of Andres Carrion Alvarez who remains in jail in Versalles, Santiago de Cuba, after he was arrested during the Papal Mass in Santiago de Cuba last week for shouting “down with Communism,” and Bismark Mustelier Galan who was detained April 1.

Regime agents forced their way in to a home in Reparto La Concepcion in Palma Soriano, and forcefully removed the activists gathered there, while effectively destroying the home.

The 23 detained activists and the 4 family members of Raumel Vinajera were taken away in cars, some of them police cars, and taken to the police station in Palma Soriano, where they were separated and sent to other locations with the intent of dividing them and preventing other members of UNPACU from assembling at the usual police station.  The whereabouts of these individuals remain unknown to FHRC.

Here are the names of the individuals who have been detained and their applicable groups:

Frente Nacional de Resistencia Civica:

  1. Miguel Valdes Diaz
  2. Walter Enrique Galan  Oliva
  3. Eiler Enrique Galan Oliva

UNPACU : Union Patriotica de Cuba

  1. Pedro Campa Almenarez
  2. Arnoldo Lozada Igarza
  3. Darmis Aguedo Zaldivar
  4. Omagli Gonzalez Leyva
  5. Luis Enrique Lozada Igarza
  6. Victor Campa Almenarez
  7. Andres Garcia Almenarez
  8. Yeroslandis Calderin Alvarado
  9. Doraisa Correoso Pozo
  10. Enrique Lazada Aguedo
  11. Adriana Nuñez Pascual
  12. Hector Felix Labrada Muñoz
  13. Roberto de la Rosa Estrada
  14. Annia Alegre Pecora
  15. Raumel Vinajera Stive
  16. Alexis Yanchoi Cuan Jerez
  17. Dany Lopez de Moya
  18. Reinier Polacos
  19. Yunier Echavarria Isaac
  20. Rulisan Ramirez Rodriguez

Familiar de Raumel Vinajera:

  1. Julio Cesar Vinajera
  2. Rodaniel Jorge Igarza
  3. Genis Vinajera Martinez
  4. Froilan Vinajera Stive

The home of Guillermo Cobas Reyes in El Caney, Santiago de Cuba (UNPACU coordinator in El Caney) was surrounded by “rapid response brigades” and political police, where he and 11 activists were.

In Vista Hermosa, Santiago de Cuba, 14 UNPACU activists succeeded in carrying out a demonstration.  They were met by political police thereafter.   Regime agents broke in to the home of Antonio Valdonado.

In the afternoon, the home of Jose Daniel Ferrer was raided and he was arrested along with his wife, Belkis Cantillo in front of 3 young children.

FHRC finds that cell phones to activists have been deactivated as they were during the Papal visit.

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