This is the group of individuals arrested in Palma Soriano at the Martí Park where they were demanding the release of Jose Daniel Ferrer and other imprisoned human rights activists:

  1. Victor Campa Almenares
  2. Alexi Yanchoi Kuan Jerez
  3.  Jose Batista Falcon
  4. Rolando Humberto Gonzalez Rodriguez
  5. Andres Garcia Almenares
  6. Sergio Lescay Despaigne
  7. Yosvany Garcia Rosendo
  8. Angel Luis Campa Almenares
  9. Prudencio Villalón Rades.


Below is a list of individuals who were arrested in Contramaestre after attempting to travel to Santiago de Cuba for a protest at the local government Headquarters:

  1. Yerisel Figueredo Valdes
  2. Lisban John Utra
  3. Henry Perales Elias
  4. Franklin Pelegrino del Toro
  5. Yoandry Veranes Hernandez


Arrested in El Caney:

  1. Guillermo Cobas Reyes
  2. Yuslay Castro Gonzalez
  3. Arecelio Rafael Molina Leyva
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